Having trouble running Quill or experienced a crash? Sorry to hear that. These are a few things you can check. For other types of problems or general advice, support and help please write us to You can aks visit our Quill Forum to get help and advice from other Quill creators and users!

Solutions to common problems

  • First, make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your video card.

    It's important to keep your GPU drivers up to date. In the case of Nvidia GPUs we recommend using the GeForce experience software to automatically be notified when new drivers are available.

  • Quill won’t start, error log shows “Cannot attach HMD to window”

    Usually this error is caused by having the display where the Quill App opens connected to a built-in video card or a video card different than the one where the VR headset is connected.

    Both your monitors and the VR headset need to be connected to your most powerful video card. It's best to have no devices connected to any built-in motheboard video ports.

    If you do not have the right port available (for example you need 2 HMDI ports but you only have one) you may need a different cable or an adapter to convert available ports to the port your monitor needs (for example a DVI to HDMI adapter).

    If you have multiple monitors and/or video cards, go to the Windows Display Settings and make sure that your primary monitor is connected to the same card as the headset, and also that it is the one that is top-most and left-most.

  • Quill won’t start, error log shows “Can't init sound engine”

    Usually this error is caused by Quill not finding audio device correctly. There are two things you could check:

    (1) Under Windows Device Manager > Audio Inputs and Outputs, make sure the Rift Headphones device is enabled (right click on the device).

    (2) In the Oculus App under Devices > Rift > Audio Output in VR > Rift Headphones > Change to 'Use Windows Settings' > Change back to 'Rift Headphones'.

    (3) Make sure the audio device is set to 'Headphones (Rift Audio)' and NOT 'Headphones (Oculus Virtual Audio Device)'.

  • Quill is unable to save your document “Error saving document” or save screen shots “Error saving screenshot” or save a video capture “Error saving video”

    Make sure that you have permission to write to the location you are trying to save to, make sure the file or folder you are trying to write to exists and is not read only.

    In some cases, anti-virus software such as Avast can prevent applications from writing to your documents or home directories. Add Quill to the trusted application list, or disable your anti-virus software when using Quill.

  • Quill won’t start, “Could not create test file at...” or “Could not create pictures folder at...”

    This issue comes up with BitDefender or similar anti-virus software. Add Quill to the list of trusted applications if that's your case, or disable your anti-virus software when running Quill.

    This can also happen if you have a corrupt user directory (because it was renamed or moved manually for example). In this case, creating a new windows user and launching logged in as that user should fix the issue.

  • Quill is not starting for Windows N users

    Windows N users should download and install the update matching their windows version:

  • Quill does not start when using MSI Afterburner or similar GPU overclocking utilities

    There have been reports of Quill not starting properly when overclocking utilities are open. Close all such programs before launching Quill.

How to view the error log

  • Follow this tutorial in order to make sure you can see hidden files and folders.
  • Locate the following directory C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Quill
    (replace UserName with your Windows user name).
  • There you'll find a text file cakked debug.txt, that contains technical debug information and errors for the last time you ran Quill that you or the Quill team can use to diagnose the problem.
  • If you crashed, the crash_logs folder will contain a numbered folder for each time you crashed, with crash-specific debug information as well as a possible recovery of the Quill document open at the time of the crash.

To report an issue, or give feedback

Send us an email to to with the debug.txt file described above attached and a description of the steps leading to the error (if applicable).