Privacy Policy

Privacy is an extremely important topic. We have split out Privacy Policy in two parts - one for Quill by Smoothstep (which includes the offline renderer and the command line exporter), and one for the Quill website and its community forum (which is not required in order to use Quill). So, here is how Smoothstep LLC protects your data:

1. Quill

Here "Quill" refers to the Quill animation tool, the Quill command line exporter and the Quill command line offline renderer.

1.1 Not Collecting Personal Information

Quill does not collect your IP address, username or email. Quill doesn't make use of user accounts. While the distribution platform (the Oculus Store or Steam) might require you to be logged in with them, Quill does not lookup or use your profile, if one is available.

Quill does not also share, store, analyze or process any of the content you create in it for any purpose that is not directly and strictly related to your creative process.

In short, it is not Smoothstep LLC's business model to sell your personal data or creation to third parties or for internal use, but provide you with good software so you can create great art.

1.2 Collecting Anonymized Technical Information

For the purposes of making Quill the best tool possible, we might in future versions send anonymized data and statistics of your usage patterns. This can help us get a good picture of the GPU or headset model our user base most often employs. It can also help us detect what functions or tools inside Quill are causing trouble to the users.

However, "anonymized" means this data is not linked to tiyr IP address or the platform's user username or ID or other associated information the platform might provide applications with.

1.3 The Platform's Privacy Policy

Smoothstep LLC does not take responsibility for the Operative System or distribution platform's practices, so please check their Privacy Policy.

2. Quill Website and Community Forum

Here "Quill Website and Community Forum" refers to the website you are currently browsing at, and the community forum that users can employ for support purposes.

As part of our technical support system, Quill hosts a community Forum located at that you can use to communicate with other Quill users and learn from them, or assist others artists that need help. You can also use it to look up how to workaround or avoid known bugs in Quill or even to reach out to Smoothstep LLC for help. However, technical support channels are always available through email at, so having a user account in the Forum is absolutely not required.

Similarly, all announcements related to Quill releases, issues, improvements, pricing, availability, etc will also be available in the website and won't require an account in the community Forum.

The Forum might however receive general Quill announcements that can be of interest to the community that are accessory and don't affect your interaction with the Quill products.

1.1 Forum user account

In order to participate in the Forum a user account needs to be created. This helps build a tighter community of artists and users. However, the username, email or any other information associated with your Forum account is not used for any of Quill or Smoothstep's activity, including analyzing it, selling it, sharing it with third parties or using it for Quill's marketing activities.

1.2 Website Cookies

The Quill website ( uses Google Analytics to get a sense of the volume of traffic it receives, so we can better judge when to add extra help and information to it.

Other than this, the Quill website does not employ cookies or any other tracking mechanisms.